Workshop Schedule

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  1. 25
    Building An Intentional Culture
    3:00pm - 5:00pm
    We are surrounded by buzz words for work environments of the new millennium. Culture, healthy organizations, purpose and meaning, mindfulness, and so on and so on. But what does it all really mean? Building an intentional culture means putting your best foot forward, having a shared mindset, and executing through leadership starting with a set of beliefs that transcend the organization. In the time we spend together, we will discuss how the four elements of culture can help your organization for the better.
  2. 21
    Practical Coach Workshop
    This highly interactive course provides management level individuals with practical, effective and positive methods for leading and coaching employees. These tools help supervisors inspire and motivate good performers, as well as address poor performers and those who seem to be headed towards failure on the job. In addition, participants will learn how to draft effective written corrective action letters that will either motivate poor performers to improve or provide helpful evidence for unemployment claims, in the event that the employee is not successful on the job. All leaders are coaches—this course will put them at the top of their game!

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